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Wuxi Shi Datang Drying Equipment Factory

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High Efficiency Horizontal Box Type Pressure Powder Spray Dryer Suppliers
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Product: Views:497High Efficiency Horizontal Box Type Pressure Powder Spray Dryer Suppliers 
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If you are willing to buy high efficiency horizontal box type pressure powder spray dryer manufacturers and suppliers in China. DaTang Drying Equipment is always at your service. Welcome to import  spray dryer/ powder dryer  from our factory. we also offer you the customized service.

Basic Info

Model NO.: Horizontal Box Type Pressure Powder Spray Dryer

Rotational Speed: 18000rpm

Structure: Spray Dryer

Operation Pressure: Atmospheric Dryer

Appearance of Dried Sample: Bulk

Type of Flow: Parallel Flow

Sprayer: Centrifugal

Origin: Wuxi, China

Heating Mode: Transmission

Heating Methods: Electric/ Steam/ Fuel Oil/ Gas/ Coal Furnace

Operational Method: Continuous

Drying Medium: Air

Movement Way: Spraying

Type of Atomization: Rotary Atomization

Trademark: DaTang

Product Description

High Efficiency Horizontal Box Type Pressure Powder Spray Dryer Suppliers

A series of technological process of materials pulverization, dehydration and drying of hot wind, transmission of low-speed circulation scraper blade, de-dust of air-exhaustion cloth bag, powder discharging and so on are finished in a compact drying box for a horizontal drying machine that would reduce the land consumption; meanwhile, the maximum height for a horizontal drying machine of 1900 kilograms per hour is only 12 meters. Furthermore, cleaning on the internal device would be safe and easy in the box of a horizontal drying machine that only requires a high-pressured cleaning machine easily done by workers on their feet. It can be clearly seen on the safety and difficulty degree compared with the cleaning inside the vertical drying tower 10 or above meters in height.

The recycled scraper blade in the vertical drying machine would concentrate powders and discharge the auger conveyor at once (only one discharge hole) that would guarantee the consistency of powders in terms of granularity and moisture.

Comparatively, drying machine tower, air channel for transmitting powers, cyclone separator and bag-type dust remover are independent and separated devices in the vertical drying machine that also features huge external form with more thermorytic surfaces. Some devices such as air channel for transmitting powdersand cyclone separator and so on do not have thermal insulating layer which drastically increase heat loss.


1. Space-saving

Vertical dryer is very high because atomized droplets and hot wind are all from top to bottom, which means the height should be high enough to make sure products are dried when they are discharged from the bottom. What's more, vertical dryer uses hot air for powder transportation. In order to reduce the wastage and to meet the environmental requirements, it needs to be matched with cyclone separators and bag dust collectors, which makes the entire machine occupy a lot of area. It has several discharging gates, but only the finest powder could reach the final bag dust collector, which means powders discharged from different gates are with different sizes and moisture content.

Comparatively, the atomization, drying, low speed circulatory scraper powder transportation, dust collection and products discharging of the horizontal dryer are all done in a compact drying oven, so it just needs small space for installation. Compared with the vertical dryer with evaporation capacity of 1900kg/h, the horizontal dryer is no higher than 12 meters. What's more, the cleaning of the inner equipment is safer and easier.

2. Low Heat Loss

Since all the processes are finished in sequence in a compact drying cabinet, and the thermal insulation layer (with the thickness of 100mm) which covers the entire cabinet and the air-exhausting pipes could minimize the heat loss of the equipment. You will not feel hot when touch the surface of the working equipment.

3. Energy-saving

The horizontal spray dryer is equipped with a recovery system of exhausts heat, which could reduce the energy-consumption, and increase the comprehensive utilization rate of heat.

Compared with high heat loss vertical dryer which is not equipped with heat recovery system, the evaporation capacity of horizontal dryer is just about 1300 kcal per kilogram water. If we compare the 2 dryers with the same standard of 1000kg/h evaporation capacity, the vertical dryer will consume heat 430000 kcal more per hour than that of horizontal dryer, which means the vertical dryer needs 86kg more standard coal(1kg coal=5000 kcal heat) or 50.6 m3 more natural gas (8500 kcal/m3). The horizontal dryer could save 35% of total energy consumption of the vertical one's.

Our Services

One station service to make sure our customer get good products and good service.

1) Professional advice and rich experience help to choose machine.

2).Warranty time: All machines are guaranteed for one year.

3).Any problem: If you have any questions or any demands, we will reply you within 24 hours except the special reasons once you enquiry us.

4) Additives: installation book, Manual book, tool box will be sent with machine.

Company Information

Wuxishi Da Tang Drying Equipment Factory is a professional enterprise engaging in the designing and manufacturing of spray drying devices with its products covering the worldwide that are exported to Europe, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Taiwan and other countries and regions.Directed by scientific research, it used to learn widely from other companies' strong points, automatically carry out research & development and explore creations together with a closed partnership with many scientific academies countrywide based on drying technologies. In 2009, on the basis of horizontal drying devices overseas and in line with the actual situations, horizontal drying equipment independently designed and manufactured by the company were put into extensive use that won unified praise by the clients and thus filled in the gap of horizontal drying machines in China, Obtaining the energy-saving patent (patent number; ZL 2014 2 0830215.1). In the end of the same year, following the marketing demands, it developed ultralow-temperature drying devices and automatic transmission system of materials and air flows that can validly protect the activity (such as bacterium, immune globulin and solvent bacterium etc).

The enterprise mainly concerns dozens of industries including food, chemicals, medicals, porcelain, biochemistry, civil explosion and paper-making environmental protection tec. The enterprise also sets up a laboratory centre for spray drying techniques so as to provide experiments on medium and small materials for our clients and help then reasonably select drying devices.

We look forward to cooperating with partners from all the world to build win-win cooperation relationship in long term. If you are interested in our products,please contact us!

Wuxishi Da Tang Drying Equipment Factory

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